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Niagara Frontier News - 11/9/20

By Kate Braun, 11/09/20, 2:45PM EST


A message from Gary Hill and Kate Braun

Niagara Frontier Players, Coaches and Families,


The entire Niagara Frontier Team is excited to welcome back some of our boys and girls teams this week!  We wanted to send a huge THANK YOU to all of the players and coaches for the hard work that was put into training this summer and fall.  It was most certainly a team effort to get back in the gym, train safely and have fun!  We appreciate your attention to the policies and procedures that were put in place to make sure that youth sports could continue at Niagara Frontier Sports!  


As the current situation in Erie County evolves, our team asks that our Niagara Frontier family remains understanding and flexible with any changes that may need to take place.  These changes may include practice times (if reduced capacity is required), changes in tournament schedules (as travel restrictions change), and other facility protocol changes.  These changes may all take place to meet regulations in the new “color code” system introduced by the State and County.  We will continue to communicate any updates to families as quickly as possible.  Our goal, as it has been from the beginning, is to create a safe space for our players and coaches that continues to give our athletes the opportunity to PLAY!



The Niagara Frontier team is making a change to the building mask policy.  Starting the week of 11/9/20, masks will be required during practices.  This policy will now have players wearing masks during practice time, in addition to all other areas of the building.  Coaches will provide frequent mask breaks to help our athletes adjust.  Also, during situations where social distancing is accessible (ex. Chalk talk where all players are seated 6 feet apart, competition, eventual game play) coaches will be able to instruct players to remove masks.   We understand this is a change for many athletes, but we also know that high schools and college programs are running great practices with mask policies in place!


We will also continue to focus on ways our players can social distance during practice times.  This will be very beneficial when the necessity to wear masks is no longer a pressing issue. 


Please make sure that you continue to follow other protocol such as the Attestation check list.   Our coaches will be working diligently to encourage proper protocol while in the gym, and we need each player to commit to following protocol as well.  The Niagara Frontier staff will continue to work with the Department of Health and Erie County in regards to positive Covid cases and notification policies.  Niagara Frontier takes direction from the DOH in all situations that would require notification due to exposure or positive cases.  All communication is these situations is initiated and directed from the Erie County Department of Heath.  


Our facility continues to work with outside organizations such as LE3 Camp Cranium, Titans Basketball and other youth sports programs.  These organizations also follow the protocol set forth by our team.  Our focus has been, and will continue to be, providing safe space for youth activities.


The last eight months have presented many challenges. We are proud of the way our staff has adapted and communicated changes. We appreciate the team effort that has allowed Niagara Frontier to be a safe space for our athletes!  Thank you players, coaches and families!