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"Team Pause" Policy

By Kate Braun, 12/07/20, 1:00PM EST


Team Pause Policy

Please see the updated information on our "Team Pause" policy. 

In the event a player, or coach, from a Niagara Frontier Team tests positive for Covid-19, the following protocol will be followed:

  1. The team will take a “Team Pause” for 10 days following the last attended practice (with the Covid-positive teammate).  Ex. If the player last attended practice on December 1st, the entire team (and coach) will pause from the gym until December 12th.
    1. A player or coach testing positive is asked to contact Kate Braun  Their name will not be released due to privacy regulations.  The team will be notified that they are on a “Team Pause”. 
  2. Any guidance from the Department of Heath will supersede the “Team Pause” dates.  Athletes and coaches must follow quarantine requirements from the DOH if indicated by a contact tracer.  All DOH regulations must be followed.
  3. The “Team Pause” is being implemented out of an abundance of caution and an understanding that there may be a delay in contact tracing.

Kate Braun will communicate directly with the coach and team if a Team Pause is necessary. 

Please remember that the Department of Heath initiates all contact tracing and you will be contacted by the DOH only if  you are determined to be at potential risk.  You will be advised at that time if any particular steps, or precautions need to be taken.  

Niagara Frontier will continue to respect the privacy of any individual that test positive for Covid-19.