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How To Improve Your Game this Summer

By Jess Kranz, 07/11/23, 4:30PM EDT


Looking for extra work to get better at the sport you love? We're here to help you NFVB!

Participate in Camps

Have you seen our summer camp posts? If not, check them out here! We have multiple camps approaching their start date - don’t miss out, save your spot and register now!

If any of these sound interesting to you, please check out the website and registration for more information!

Get a Partner, Play Some Beach

It’s not too late to play some beach volleyball - all you need is a partner. Beach volleyball is a great way to learn more about the game, improve ball control, get a good workout in, and so much more. Not to mention, it’s a lot of fun! There’s music playing, you’re in the sun competing with a friend, and having a blast! 

Sign Up for Private Lessons

Did you know we offer private lessons year round? Summer is a great time to get some one on one reps with a coach. Not interested in doing lessons alone? No problem! Put a group of friends together to get direct focus on what YOU want to work on to improve your skills. You can find all of our available coaches here! Schedule a lesson now before court space gets booked up!

Get Stronger, Get Fit

Strength training and coordination is important for volleyball players to continue their development at the game. Make sure you are staying active this summer. If you need some help getting started, figure out what you want or need to get better at first. 

Do you want to be faster? Do you want to jump higher? Do you want to improve your footwork? Do you want to improve your physical strength? Where do you want to get physically stronger - Lower body? Upper body? Core?

Once you determine your goal, do what you do best - Google it! YouTube, Tik Tok, and Google in general have unlimited amounts of resources for you to use. There are also many workout apps for you to download and use if that is something you are interested in.

Improve Your Volleyball IQ

Dedicate Notes Towards Volleyball:

This can be anything you want about volleyball. Advice a coach gives you, colleges you’re interested in, how did you do at practice & say why, what did you work on at practice, how did your team do at practice, what is your weakness, what is your strength, what about your team’s strengths and weaknesses, etc.

Read a Book/Watch a Video:

There is always something to learn about the game whether it’s something physically on the court or mentally off the court. You can watch volleyball matches and watch the player in your position physically (positioning on the court, where they place the ball, how they approach their teammates, etc). You can also learn many things mentally about the game (what to look for when defending an attack, how to be a good teammate and improve your team chemistry/culture, how to read a play, how to be competitive & respectful, etc.) by reading a book or watching videos of people discussing these things. Share what you learn with us!

Eat Healthy, Stay Hydrated, Be Safe

It’s summertime and there is lots to do! Make sure you are making good decisions and staying healthy. 

Eat Healthy: 

What you put into your body is crucial to your health and well-being. Check out these healthy snacks that are perfect for the summertime!

Stay Hydrated:

We don’t get much heat here in Buffalo, but when we do, we jam pack everything in. Keep your energy levels high. Drink lots of water, Gatorade, Liquid IV, or any other hydrating beverage of choice throughout the summer!

Be Safe:

NFVB wants you to have fun during your off-season, but make sure that doesn’t affect your safety! Stay smart NFVB!