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April QOTM, Pop-Up Tent, & Food Drive

By NFVB Staff, 04/01/24, 4:00PM EDT


Read about our April QOTM, pop-up tent sale, & food drive happening this month!

Hey there, NFVB Nation!

Here’s our Blog Agenda:

1. April Quote of the Month
2. Pop Up Tent
3. Food Drive

April QOTM

Today, we want to introduce our April quote of the month said by one of the most inspiring volleyball players of all time, April Ross. She once said, "To be the best, you have to demand the best from yourself." And, boy, isn't that the truth!

If you want to become the best volleyball player out there, you can push yourself to your limits, and beyond. You can demand more from yourself than anyone else ever could. You can set high standards for yourself and strive to meet them every single day.

Being your best is not easy. It requires dedication, hard work, and a willingness to put in the effort, even when it's tough. You need to be willing to push through the pain and discomfort to achieve your goals. You need to be willing to sacrifice your time and energy to become better.

But, here's the thing: if you demand the best from yourself, you will achieve greatness. You will become the best version of yourself, both on and off the court. You will set an example for others to follow and inspire those around you to be their best too!

So, let's take a page out of April Ross's book and demand the best from ourselves. Let's work hard, push ourselves, and strive for greatness. Let's become the best volleyball players we can be, and let's do it together!

Remember, the only thing standing between you and greatness is yourself. So, demand the best from yourself, and success will follow.

Pop Up Tent Sale

Please save the following dates for our pop up tent sale:

Wednesday, April 24 & Thursday, April 25 | 6 - 8 PM
Friday, April 26 | 5 - 7 PM

Supplies will be short on Friday!

This will be set up in the front foyer at the dates and times shown above or to the right. Cash and venmo are the only payment methods that will be accepted.

NFVB Food Drive

NFVB is hosting a food drive from March 30 to April 30. All food donated will be dropped off by NFVB staff on the morning of April 30 to FeedMore WNY in honor of NFVB Nation. 

To learn/read more on what you can donate, please visit their website or click here for their healthy food wishlist

Please do not drop off fresh produce or anything that can spoil - we are hosting a month-long food drive that will be dropped off at the end of the month! Let's make a difference together.