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Let's Be Rule Followers

By Rocco Lucci Jr., 04/12/24, 5:00PM EDT


WEVA Bid event, Tryouts and Recruiting

To ALL NFVB Parents, Coaches and Players...

The staff and Board of Directors of the Western Empire Volleyball Association just sent out a message regarding our support of the people organizing and participating in the Girls Bid Tournaments this weekend. Supporting our own NFVB teams should be easy for our club members as we continue to talk to the players about unity, culture and good sportsmanship. Let's stay positive and encouraging as we head into the weekend.
Good luck to all the teams competing!


The second part of the message asks us all to be rule followers. Many years ago, WEVA developed some policy regarding recruiting, tryouts and accepting spots on club rosters, which help to limit stress on players and families when it comes to choosing a club to play for.

The document is called the WEVA Tryout, Registration and Recruiting Policy (Please click on the link to access the full document)

Niagara Frontier wants to follow the rules and we hope all our parents, players and coaches are on board with taking the high road and leading by example.

Our NFVB staff has already been working on tryout and dues collection dates that are in compliance with the WEVA policies. We will be announcing those dates very soon and we know other area club tryouts will evolve around ours.

Our staff is asking you to read the WEVA Tryout, Registration and Recruiting Policy and talk about it at home with your players and agree to abide by the following bullet points:

  • DO NOT recruit or solicit any players from other clubs to "come over," "come back," or "tryout for NFVB instead of club X" UNTIL mid July when National tournaments are completed. If you know or hear of a player that would help the success of our club, please submit their names to Rocco Lucci or Dan Johnson and they will add them to a list of players to be contacted when and if appropriate.
  • If someone affiliated with another club approaches or contacts you during the current season about going to their club, you should politely ask them and any other club members to stop contacting or talking to you. If they persist, please discuss the situation with Dan or Rocco so we can help eliminate stressful conversations and distractions during our current season.
  • If someone from another club asks you questions about coming to NFVB tryouts or joining our club, please refer them to Dan or Rocco. This is important so the two of us can gauge interest and be more proactive in determining tryout numbers and available roster positions.
  • Do not feel pressured into accepting spots with clubs until you are fully educated about your options, total costs and commitment levels. You should never be forced to make a club choice without being able to weigh pros and cons of each club.
  • Verbal commitments are great and certainly help clubs to plan for the season, however, NFVB does not consider you a member of our club until you have made a financial commitment after the permissible September 1st date.

Niagara Frontier has made some great changes over the past two years which have helped more and more local players to improve their skills. Thank you in advance for your desire to follow the rules and for trusting the process.

Rocco and Dan