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Travel Team Parents Meeting Reminds Us of Culture

By Rocco Lucci, 11/21/18, 11:30AM EST


"A team culture is made up of the values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors shared by a team. It’s how people work together towards a common goal and how they treat each other."

Girls Travel Team Parents...

I know most of the travel players are excited to start practices the week of December 3rd, however, if your daughter is on one of our Navy or Red travel teams, please mark your calendar and make some time to attend the Travel team Parent Kick-off meeting next week.

Meetings for the 11U, 12 White/Green and 13 through 18 Local teams will be held after their practices begin in January.

Thursday, November 29th - General meeting with all parents led by Coach Rocco Lucci for 20-30 minutes followed by your individual team breakout to talk about team specific items and goals.

Travel Navy and Red 12U, 13U and 14U - from 6:30 to 7:45pm

Travel Navy and Red 15U, 16U, 17U and 18U - from 8:00 to 9:15pm

Here is what to expect at the meeting:

  • Staff Introductions
  • General Club and Facility Policies
  • Practice Expectations
  • Tournament Expectations and Travel
  • Club culture expectations for players and parents
  • Breakout meetings with team coaches


In the past year or more it seems that "culture" has been such a buzz word in workplaces across the country. Well, since Niagara Frontier is a place that players do "work," our coaching staff feels that culture is in fact, very important in order to be successful. This year, we will try hard to create a good culture "in which team members collaborate, share knowledge, communicate and most importantly support one another. When people feel supported and know that someone has their back they’re able to do great things. "

Please click on and read the short article link below... and do your best to interchange the workplace examples used in the piece to the training and relationships associated within our own Niagara Frontier Volleyball Club. Maybe some of you would like to share some positive thoughts at our parents meeting to kick off a great year of volleyball for our coaches and players?

What the Hell Is ‘Team Culture’ and Why Is It so Important?

Additional items to make the start of the season smoother:

  1. Parent Meeting Agenda (bring a copy to the meeting)
  2. Parent and Player Handbook (refer to this all season long)
  3. WEVA Membership (needs to be current before first practice)
  4. Medical Release Form (turn in to coaches at first practice)