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Boys Florida Fest

By Dan Johnson, 01/28/19, 3:00PM EST


Florida Fest was a huge success for all teams. This will become a staple in the boys tournament schedules going forward. Especially as the event grows.  


Florida Fest Finishes

15 Gold...Overall match record 5-1 / Sets 10-4 Finished 3rd out of 14

16 Gold...Overall match record 6-1 / Sets 12-2 Finished 3rd out of 22 

18 Gold...Overall match record 4-2 / Sets 9-2 Finished 6th out of 22 (missed our bid by 1 match)

This tournament proved to be many things for our teams. Each team that competed has it's own goals, it's own personality, it's own strengths and weakness'. I think it proved we can compete at a very high level. I think it also proved, we have work to do. It was a different style of volleyball for some of these teams.  Styles we don't often get to compete against.  Job well done players , coaches and parents!!!

***Side Note - Coach Steve Klein (15 Gold) received numerous compliments on how our players conducted themselves during their work assignments. I had an official seek me out and say what a pleasure it was to work with all of our players and coaches during this tournament. That was a very proud moment for me and you guys deserve the praise as much as anyone does. Parents...Kudos to you. You're raising some great young men, THANK YOU!!!!

Check out and look for many of the pictures and posts regarding Niagara Frontier!! They filmed our Jeff Ptak clinic a while back and are located out of Orlando. They've been good to us. "Gadget" Negron is the creator of the website. He's done some great work growing the game. He always refers to us as his vball family from the North. They'll hopefully be back in August with another High School Preseason Clinic. Follow The SpikeNet on FaceBook, Twitter and Instagram. Check out the video interview of Jackson Strong...such a stud!!! CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO LINK. We have a celebrity in our midst : )