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BOYS Team Placement

Thank you for attending Niagara Frontier Boys tryouts!

The Selection Committee worked very hard to evaluate each athlete fairly.  The team placement lists can be found by scrolling to the bottom of this page. Please note the directions that follow regarding the next tryout dates or accepting your spot on a roster. 

If you have questions about roster placement or if you think there has been a posting error,
please fill out the QUESTIONS Form and a staff member will get back to you.
Please DO NOT DIRECTLY CONTACT any individual team coaches regarding player evaluations at tryouts or player placement on teams. 

My name is NOT on the Team Placement list...

The Selection Committee worked very hard to evaluate each athlete fairly. If your name is not listed below on one of our team rosters, we appreciate your attendance and desire to be part of our program. We know there are other opportunities to get placed on teams at other clubs and wish you the best. 

My name IS on one of the Rosters below:

If your name is listed below, CONGRATULATIONS on your team placement. What happens next....

Placement Accepted:
You will soon be sent a registration link via Sports Engine to accept your roster spot and to make your first payment of the season. 
(PLEASE NOTE: The only person receiving invoice notifications from the club will be the individual listed as the primary account holder in your Sport Engine "Household."  Check your junk mail to make sure you can receive emails from Sports Engine so the primary email holder will receive financial notifications.)
Those who do not make payment may risk losing their roster spot and an alternate will be notified of the open position.

Team Fees are posted under each age division (13U-18U) under our fees page. To view fees please "click" HERE to view our team fee pages.
Schedule of Payments are posted on the fees page as well. We are in the final stages of evaluating the budget for the club. We appreciate your patience in letting us work out the most fiscally responsible thresholds for each team/level.

Placement Declined:  
Click here to DECLINE your roster spot after we post Team Fee information and you have a chance to evaluate them. 

Boys 13U and 14U Teams

Player First Name Player Last Name Team Placement
Joseph Bojczuk 13 Gold
Andrew Emmons 13 Gold
Liam Hayden 13 Gold
Harrison Illig 13 Gold
Alex Johnson 13 Gold
Vaibhav Lankipalli 13 Gold
Jacob Maley 13 Gold
Samuel Musial 13 Gold
Wyatt Schnelle 13 Gold
Cole Schweizer 13 Gold
Nathan Vona 13 Gold
Gabriel Bluemle Training Group
Karsen Hazard Training Group
Brady Hill Training Group
Aadi Patel Training Group
Alexander Pula Training Group
Camden Schneider Training Group
James Cieslewicz 14 Gold
Vincent Dambra 14 Gold
Tristan Kolek 14 Gold
Griffin Lehmbeck 14 Gold
Dominic Lucci 14 Gold
Cole Mack 14 Gold
Luke Manley 14 Gold
Luke Perryman 14 Gold
Chase Vrenna 14 Gold
Nathan White 14 Gold
Max Zlotnick 14 Gold
Cameron Bielat 14 Silver
Simon Buttino 14 Silver
Ethan Dietzen 14 Silver
Alexander Dietzen 14 Silver
Dominic Doerr 14 Silver
Rhett Egloff 14 Silver
Dylan Grimes 14 Silver
Evan Hayward 14 Silver
Nathan Meier 14 Silver
Kaden Palmer 14 Silver
Mark Zulawski III 14 Silver
William Asci Training Group
Ryan Belz Training Group
Cal Carlson Training Group
Nolan Eckert Training Group
Sean Gearhart Training Group
Ryan Goeckel Training Group
Nathan Guadagno Training Group
Jonathan Jesionowski Training Group
Henry Kraft Training Group
Lucas Mascio Training Group
Luke McKenna Training Group
Patrick Melohusky Training Group
Owen Milley Training Group
Owen Nalbach Training Group
William Prescott Training Group
Evan Reyda Training Group
Alex Shields Training Group
Brahmjot Singh Training Group
Evan Smith Training Group
Gavin Surdej Training Group
John Wenner jr Training Group
Tom Zawada Training Group


Kaiden Bleech 15 Silver
Christopher DiPronio 15 Silver
Mason Lexner 15 Silver
Trevor Kumiega 15 Silver
Wyatt McCabe 15 Silver
Luke Lanning 15 Silver
Alex Seege 15 Silver
Trent Kim 15 Silver
Benjamin Pollutro 15 Silver
Logan Radloff 15 Silver
Ethan Porto 15 Silver
Alexander Scapillato 15 Silver
Alijah Williams 15 Bronze
Elijah Mckissack 15 Bronze
Clark Estrada 15 Bronze
Cameron Willer 15 Bronze
Alexander Porterfield 15 Bronze
Jackson Olejniczak 15 Bronze
Seamus Cassidy 15 Bronze
Rob Mumm 15 Bronze
Vincent Vaillancourt 15 Bronze
Aidan Wallace 15 Bronze
Aiden Brumbaugh 15 Bronze
Jacob Croglio 15 Bronze
Rowan Root 16 Silver
Cooper Gentz 16 Silver
Thomas Beiter 16 Silver
Wyatt Killock 16 Silver
William Streicher 16 Silver
Aidan Granville 16 Silver
Andrew Kubiak 16 Silver
Charlie Allesi 16 Silver
Logan Wick 16 Silver
Peter Marston 16 Silver
Jake Nellis 16 Silver
Sean Marthia 16 Silver
Spencer Armbrust 17 Silver
Jacob Sterba 17 Silver
Tyler Cole 17 Silver
Aiden Passmore 17 Silver
Ethan Hovey 17 Silver
Ivan Collins 17 Silver
Jacob Gearhart 17 Silver
Griffin Bowersox 17 Silver
Zachary Veros 17 Silver
Deacon Fischer 17 Silver
Darren Stry 17 Silver
Ellis Smith 17 Silver
Alex Cimo 18 Silver
Kellen Palmer 18 Silver
Alex Herr 18 Silver
Connor Holmes 18 Silver
Jocco Pericozzi 18 Silver
Kieran Eagen 18 Silver
Cyan Barbour 18 Silver
Drake Connors 18 Silver
Dylan Murray 18 Silver
Liam Jennings 18 Silver
Ryan Mumm 18 Silver


Player First Name Player Last Name Team Placement
Quinn Brodie 15 Gold
Jack Granville 15 Gold
Blake Hart 15 Gold
Jack Hutton 15 Gold
Kyle Kamrowski 15 Gold
Max Philarom 15 Gold
Carter Sainsbury 15 Gold
Will Schimert 15 Gold
Henry Uhl 15 Gold
Rocco Vaughan 15 Gold
Noah Young 15 Gold
Matthew Anzalone 16 Gold
Sean Berrios 16 Gold
Colton Brown 16 Gold
Jermaine Johnson 16 Gold
Evan Laschinger 16 Gold
Rocco Lucci 16 Gold
Aidan Milbrand 16 Gold
Kevin O'Brien 16 Gold
Nathan Roorbach 16 Gold
Ethan Skalski 16 Gold
Matthew Teller 16 Gold
Logan Unger 16 Gold
Michael Bleech 17 Gold
Brady Bowman 17 Gold
Drew Bowman 17 Gold
Jonas Drum 17 Gold
Evan Hernandez 17 Gold
Brayden Palinski 17 Gold
Josh Rauch 17 Gold
Gavin Rauh 17 Gold
Aung Tun 17 Gold
Ben Walczak 17 Gold
Kole Zak 17 Gold
Owen Bembenista 18 Gold
Peyton Koszelak 18 Gold
Eddie Kwarciak 18 Gold
Matthew Marusza 18 Gold
Matthew Mazur 18 Gold
Jayden Neidel 18 Gold
Jakob Serrano 18 Gold
Matthew Sion 18 Gold
Kaden Strong 18 Gold
Alex Wiech 18 Gold
Gavin Wilczewski 18 Gold
Brian Woods 18 Gold