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GIRLS Team Placement

Thank you for attending Niagara Frontier Girls tryouts!

The Selection Committee worked very hard to evaluate each athlete fairly.  The team placement lists can be found by scrolling to the bottom of this page. Please note the directions that follow regarding the next tryout dates or accepting your spot on a roster. 

If you have questions about roster placement or if you think there has been a posting error,
CLICK HERE to fill out the QUESTIONS Form and a staff member will get back to you.
Please DO NOT DIRECTLY CONTACT any individual team coaches regarding player evaluations at tryouts or player placement on teams. 


  1. For players not making one of our teams... There may be an opportunity to add one or two more NFVB Local teams at the 9th Grade/15U OR the 10th Grade/16U levels. These openings depend on the number of 13U and 14U players trying out in November. If you have the opportunity to play on a team at another club... please take that spot as there is no guarantee that positions will open up at NFVB. 
  2. Our staff is in the process of developing a Friday night Junior/Senior Training League for upperclassmen that did not make one of our teams... IF WE CAN FIND COACHES. Info will be sent out about how to join the league and keep you playing volleyball. 
  3. Once parents/players accept their spots on a team and make their initial payment, our staff needs to manually add your name to the roster on each individual team page. It doesn't show up automatically... it takes some time.
  4. Parents of Local players who would be interested in helping to coach their daughters team, please email Coach Rocco
  5.  Name list below is in alphabetical order but can be sorted by clicking the column headings. 

My name is NOT on the Team Placement list...

The Selection Committee worked very hard to evaluate each athlete fairly. If your name is not listed below on one of our team rosters, we appreciate your attendance and desire to be part of our program. We wish we had more coaches and space to accommodate all the interested players.
We have ranked a list of alternates in case someone declines a spot and will contact players if a spot becomes available.
Please keep looking for opportunities to train and play volleyball, some of which will be posted on our web site in the future. 

My name IS on one of the Rosters below:

If your name is listed below, CONGRATULATIONS on your team placement. What happens next....

Placement Accepted:
You will soon be sent a registration link via Sports Engine to accept your roster spot and to make your first payment of the season. 
(PLEASE NOTE: The only person receiving invoice notifications from the club will be the individual listed as the primary account holder in your Sport Engine "Household."  Check your junk mail to make sure you can receive emails from Sports Engine so the primary email holder will receive financial notifications.)
Those who do not make payment may risk losing their roster spot and an alternate will be notified of the open position.

Team Fees are posted under each age division (13U-18U) under our fees page. To view fees please "click" HERE to view our team fee pages.
Schedule of Payments are posted on the fees page as well. We are in the final stages of evaluating the budget for the club. We appreciate your patience in letting us work out the most fiscally responsible thresholds for each team/level.

Placement Declined:  
Click here to DECLINE your roster spot after we post Team Fee information and you have a chance to evaluate them. 

A note about LOCAL ROSTERS

The local players will be separated into teams (North, South, East, West). The 13s have already been separated in the list below; the 14s have not been separated yet but will be soon. 

The practice and competition schedule is the same for all Local players regardless of the team they are on.

Girls Placement 13U and 14U

Player First Name Player Last Name Team Placement
Fiona Abraham 14 Local
Elizabeth Allen 14 Local
Heidi Besch 13 Local South
Brenna Bizub 14 White
Liliana Blaszak 13 White
Bianca Borgese 13 Local South
Olivia Boryszak 13 Local South
Keira Bracken 13 Local South
Peyton Braunscheidel 13 Local South
Taylor Breinlinger 13 Navy
Emaleigh Brose 14 Local
Madelyn Burnett 14 Local
Siena Cartonia 13 White
Paige Cawthard-Gott 14 Local
Samantha Croglio 13 Local South
Jillian Cummins 14 Navy
Avianna Daniels 14 Local
Ava DeLuca 14 Local
Taylor Desantis 14 Navy
Chloe Deschenes 14 Local
Miabella Devans 13 Local North
Addison Doody 13 Navy
Tyler Dorsey 14 Navy
Rachel Drapeau 14 Local
Cayla Dycha 13 White
Taylor Falzarano 13 Red
Sarah Farmer 14 Red
Autumn Fraas 13 Local North
Maggie Frazier 13 Local North
Emily Friedman 13 Local South
Giavanna Fuller 13 Navy
Vanessa Fusco 14 White
Madison Gaudy 14 Local
Juliet Genareo 14 White
Addyson Gizzi 14 Local
Kendall Griffey 13 White
Sammie Grzebinski 14 Local
Maddison Guise 13 Local North
Lola Guppenberger 14 Local
Molly Hagler 14 Local
Kayleigh Hart 14 Local
Taryn Hickson 14 Navy
Gabriella Hodgson 13 Navy
Addison Honaker 14 Local
Kennedy Hunt 14 Local
Aubrey Hunter 13 White
Madelyn Isbrandt 14 Local
Elise Jarnot 13 Local South
Logan Joerger 14 White
Hannah Johnson 14 Navy
Ava juszkiewicz 13 Local North
Elena Keleher 13 White
Gianna Kern 13 Red
Mia Khoury 13 Local North
Carly Koch 14 Navy
Natalie Kretz-Harvey 14 Local
Alyssa Kuntz 14 Red
Ava Lavelle 14 Red
Sienna Lenze 13 White
Paige Lewandowski 13 Navy
Brynn Leyh 13 Navy
Macey Malicki 14 Red
Sierra Marcklinger 14 Local
Ava Marusza 14 Navy
Payton McAndrew 13 Local South
McKenzie McCann 14 Red
Kylie McCarthy 14 Local
Gianna Mcdonough 13 Red
Marisa Mendola 14 Local
Lauren Merz 14 White
Sophia Michalski 14 Red
Ali Miller 13 White
Bellarose Milligan 14 Local
Leah Moe 13 Red
Brooke Moore 13 Navy
Kylie Moore 13 Red
Sara Moscato 14 Local
Julia Mruk 13 Local South
Sophia Mukkamala 13 Local North
Roqya Munther 14 White
Megan Murray 14 White
Mya Mycek 14 Local
Arilyn Nephew 13 Local South
Lily Nichter 14 Local
Averie Nostrant 13 Red
Ella Nowak 13 Local South
Briauna Ochs 14 Navy
Avery Oehler 13 Local North
Lily Patridge 14 Local
Kaitlin Pauly 13 White
Corynn Peterson 13 Red
Alyssa Phillips 14 Local
Carly Preston 14 Red
Riley Preston 14 Red
Samantha Przystal 13 Navy
Meghan Quinn 13 Local North
Paige Reger 13 White
Laura Rhodes 14 Red
Mariela Roa 13 Red
Sarah Romanowski 14 Red
Lillian Ruhlmann 14 White
Mia Sacilowski 14 Red
Jessie Saj 14 Local
Ella Schurr 14 Local
Madelyn Shattuck 14 Local
Elouise Shifflet 14 White
Cameron Skalski 14 White
Allie Skok 14 Local
Avery Smolarek 14 Local
Peyton Solomon 14 Navy
Sophia Speaker 13 White
Siena Sproull 14 Local
Elaina Stappenbeck 14 White
Leigha Stefaniak 14 Local
Olivia Stonebraker 14 Local
Alexis Stroze 13 Local North
Gwendolyn Sturm 13 Red
Olivia Sweeney 14 Navy
Anna Szpylman 14 White
Lailynne Tarnowski 13 Red
Aubrey Timmel 14 Local
Lucille (Lucy) Uhl 14 Local
Katie Van Sickle 14 Local
Gabriella Walczak 14 Red
Kinsey Warner 14 Local
Reagan Wawrzyniec 13 White
Ella Welch 13 Navy
Alexandra Wendling 13 Local North
Ruby West 14 Local
Quincey Whitmore 14 Local
Emily Woelfel 14 Local
Lauren Zak 13 Local North
Ruby Zawadzki 13 Navy
Zoe Zawadzki 14 Local

Girls Placement 15U through 18U

Anel Abitud Acosta 16 Navy
McKayla Adams 16 Local
Samantha Albright 18 White
Carly Allen 16 Navy
Leah Allen 16 Navy
Alyciana Alvira 16 Navy
Avery Amato 16 Local
Ava Anderson 16 Local
Samantha Armitage 16 Red
Zoe Aylsworth 17 Green
Molly Ballard 16 Red
Ashley Ballou 17 Navy
Sarah Barnum 17 Navy
Bella Bell 16 Local
Genevieve Bell 17 Navy
Emma Beyer 15 Local
Gianna Blair 18 Navy
Madelyn Boglev 17 Navy
Olivia Boswell 18 White
Shaunah Bracken 15 Red
Erin Bracken 17 Green
Abby Brady 18 Navy
Molly Bresnock 16 Local
Emma Bridges 15 Local
Maggie Bush 15 White
Mya Bush 17 Navy
Gabriella Callahan 15 Red
Makayla Carpenter 16 Local
Lucia Cartonia 16 White
Molly Cassidy 18 Red
Reese Chudoba 17 Red
Chase Chudoba 15 Navy
Audrey Cimo 15 Navy
Isabella Clarke 16 White
Erin Clemens-Regan 17 White
Jaylene Cole 17 Green
Elle Collard 16 Red
Marin Collins 17 Navy
Emma Conway 15 Local
McKenna Corcoran 16 Navy
Julia Cummins 17 Green
Jadyn Dains 15 Navy
Harper Dawes 16 White
Isabella DeMarzio 17 Red
Miia Dembski 18 Navy
Ava Derenda 15 White
Hailey Derx 15 Local
Ava DeSantis 17 Green
Kassidy Ditta 15 Local
Riley Doctor 16 Local
Jillian Donahue 17 White
Mary Doyle 15 Local
Allison Farmer 16 Navy
Anna Filipiak 16 Local
Gabby Flugel 15 Local
Sophia Fuller 17 Red
Sydney Fuller 18 White
Taylor Galligan 15 Red
Lylah Gallo 16 Local
Kendall Gaume 15 White
Avery Gaume 17 Navy
Kate Gernold 17 Red
Audrey Grable 17 Navy
Elizabeth Green 16 Local
Diana Griesinger 15 Local
Erin Hagler 16 Local
Quinn Hagler 18 White
Esther Halfon 15 Local
Madison Hanaka 18 Navy
Avery Harding 18 Red
Kayla Hazel 16 Local
Makayla Heary 16 Local
Megan Hejmanowski 18 Red
Lana Hollins 16 White
Fiona Howard 17 White
Ella Hubert 16 Red
Lauren Hubert 18 Navy
Sophie Hunter 16 Red
Kaylie Jackson 16 Navy
April Jakubowski 17 Red
Rachel Jaskier 16 Local
Kaylen Jaworowicz 15 White
Audrey Jensen 15 Navy
Mariah Joslyn 17 White
Grace Juron 15 Red
Halley Juron 15 Red
Juliet Kaczmarek 15 Local
Kailyn Kanner 15 Local
Sylvia Kay 15 Local
Madison Keem 16 Navy
Elsa Kellogg 15 Local
Jordan Kern 18 Red
Mari Kirby 16 White
Anna Klimpt 16 Local
Katie Klonowski 15 White
Keira Koch 17 White
Celia Koselny 17 Red
Ashley Krysztof 15 Local
Monica Kujawa 15 Local
Ella Kujawa 15 Navy
Hailey Kulniszewski 16 Red
Anna Kurtzhalts 17 White
Emily Kush 15 Red
Julia Kwitchoff 17 Red
Raegan Lacotte 16 Local
Lauren LaManna 15 Local
Kayla Lawrence 16 Local
Duong Le 15 Local
Paige Leone 15 Local
Cara Lewandowski 15 Navy
Logann Lexner 17 Red
Ava Leyh 17 White
Skylar Lichner 18 Red
Jenna Lis 17 Red
Elsie Logan 18 Navy
Olivia Lomas 16 White
Adriana Lorigo 16 Navy
Raegan LoVallo 15 Local
Ava Low 15 Red
Emily Lupini 16 Red
Isabella Maloney 18 White
Olivia Manganaro 17 Green
Eliana Mann 16 Red
Cianna Marasco 16 White
Katherine Martin 16 White
Riley Matuszak 15 Navy
Gwen McCarthy 17 Navy
Isabel McCormick 15 Local
Reese McCrea 17 Navy
Charlotte Mendel 18 White
Ella Merritt 17 White
Angelina Mesi 15 Local
Katie Moog 15 Red
Avery Morrison 16 Local
Julia Mulderig 18 Red
Maeve Musielak 17 Red
Madison Musty 16 Red
Samantha Nadeau 16 Local
Victoria Nalbach 18 Navy
Juliana Nepokroeff 18 White
Riley Nickens 15 Local
Jennifer Nicometo 18 Red
Ella Niedbalski 18 Red
Morgan Nixon 16 Local
Mia Norman 15 White
Sarina Notaro 15 Navy
Megan Nottis 17 Green
Madeline O'Brien 18 Navy
Katie O'Leary 16 Local
Rachel Oliveri 15 Local
Alisa Overton 15 White
Cameron Pachura 17 Green
Cayla Partsch 18 White
Morgan Pasternak 18 Red
Addie Pereira 15 Local
Meeghan Peterson 16 Red
Kelly Pierino 18 White
Joelle Pitman 16 Local
Raegan Powers 16 Local
Julia Rauker 15 Local
bridget ripstein 15 Local
Alannah Roberts 16 Navy
Michaela Robinson 18 White
Gabriela Ruppert 17 Green
Molly Ryan 18 Navy
Emma Santorio 17 White
Madeline Saunders 16 White
Anja Schiavone 16 Local
Ella Schweizer 15 Red
Giulia Sciarra 16 Local
Olivia Scozzafava 15 White
Gabrielle Seneca 16 Local
Haley Share 16 Local
Evelyn Sieber 15 Navy
Angelina Siepierski 15 Navy
Olivia Smith 15 Red
Adriana Smith 16 White
Julia Socha 16 Local
Mackenzie Sommers 15 Local
Kaylee Spence 16 Local
Camryn Speranza 15 White
Kaylee Stucke 15 Local
Aubriana Sunga 15 Local
Sidney Syracuse 18 White
Kaylee Szalay 15 White
Sarah Taggart 17 Red
Olivia Thomas 17 Green
Jillian Uhrich 15 Red
Isabella Usinski 16 Local
Lily Van Sickle 16 Local
Anna Vande Velde 17 Green
Cael Vesper 15 Local
Kaitlin Wagner 15 Local
Kelsey Walker 18 Red
Cameryn Wanat 15 Local
Jemma Wang 15 White
Lucy Wang 16 Local
Clara Weigel 16 Navy
Alexis Wierzba 17 White
Taryn Winnert 16 White
Ella Wintringer 15 White
Kera Wisor 17 White
Lily Withiam-Leitch 15 Local
Ella Wittman 18 Navy
Isabella Wolowski 15 Local
Miranda Zipp 17 White
Adrianna Zogaria 15 Local