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Weather Announcements and Practice Cancellations

Western New York is known for great winter weather. In the event of any closures or cancellations, announcements will be posted on the web site, on social media and coaches will be emailed.

The club administrators remain in contact with select coaches as well as club members living in each of the suburban areas surrounding the facility. Sometimes there can be a blizzard in the southtowns but grass is green in the north. If a majority of those contacts recommend the cancellation of practices then the following will be placed in effect…


  1. Post notification of a practice or event cancellation on the front page of our website by 3pm. Please note that a power outage can make posting a notification on our website impossible.
  2. The club will also attempt to post cancellations on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Follow us @NFVBjuniors on those platforms.
  3. All cancellations after 3pm will be at the discretion of the staff via text message to individual team members. Coaches ARE NOT authorized to cancel practices without prior consent from the Club directors.


Predicted weather will not dictate practice cancellation and Niagara Frontier will only issue a facility closure if there are road closures or a driving ban in West Seneca, NY

We understand safety for our families is most important. We know some players are driving up from the Pennsylvania border as well as from Rochester. If coaches or players can’t get out of their driveway or after starting the trip, feel weather conditions make it unsafe to travel, staff and/or coaches should be notified as soon as possible before practice. Don’t ever feel like you need to brave the trip if the roads are bad. We expect that your call, text or e-mail will occur before practice. Of course, your decision should be based on safety, and not that you would prefer s’mores in front of the fireplace instead of going to practice.